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Petrodiamantearthalive365rareendangeredspeciestrustnamibiaIMAGE : PROPERTY OF PETRO DIAMANT & EARTH ALIVE 365

Organization : Rare Endangered Species Trust (REST) - Namibia, Africa

Photographer : Judy & Scott Hurd - -Namibia

Awareness Artist: Petro Diamant - South Africa

The Pangolin Flower Art : Petro Diamant & Earth Alive 365

3D Design & Printing: Andre E. Roodt, Sybu Data - Cape Town

Cape / Ground Pangolin

The Pangolin Coat & Jumper : Lorena Benitez -America

The Pangolin Garment designed and created at Rare Endangered Species Trust by Lorena Benitez

( Harvard Graduate and Pangolin Researcher)

"Be the guardian that walks with the wild ones" - Petro Diamant




















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