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by Helena Swart & Petro Diamant

Support us by funding THE LIONS RAY Awareness Art for Lions & White Lions

We are creating 3D Printed wearable art to raise awareness about the Lion Bone Trade


Lions, Canned Hunting and the Illegal Wildlife Trade 

The fight for the protection of Africa's Lions continue. Be it for canned hunts or the slaughter of lions for the bone trade, South Africa's Lions are in desperate need of protection. While international conservation and law enforcement efforts have made tiger bone increasingly scarce, "canned" hunting and poaching has seen the demand and supply of lion trophies, skins and other derivatives soar. Lions are replacing the illegal wildlife trade of Tigers. Asian demand for tiger wine and other products is creating a crisis for big cats across the world and South Africa is feeding the trade. The proliferation of lion and tiger farms in South Africa and the associated trade undermines enforcement efforts to end illegal tiger trade and stimulates demand for tiger parts and derivatives. 

"There is significant evidence that South Africa’s legal trade in captive-bred lion trophies is accelerating the slaughter of wild lions for their parts in neighboring countries and is, in fact, increasing demand for wild lion parts in Asia - a market that did not exist before South Africa started exporting lion bones in 2007. It is irresponsible to establish [a] policy that could further imperil wild lions - already in precipitous decline throughout much of Africa - when the facts are clear; South Africa’s lion breeding industry makes absolutely no positive contribution to conserving lions and, indeed, further imperils them," says Dr Paul Funston, senior director of wild cat conservation group Panthera’s Lion Program. He warned that the legalization of a trade in lion bones would stimulate the market and endanger both captive and wild lion populations.

The wilder the lion the more in danger.

"Currently, almost 8 000 predators are being held in cages or confined areas, and none of this has anything to do with conservation. If we don’t act now, that number could well be over 12 000 within the next few years."

South Africans what are you doing to protect the wild ? 


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Helena Swart 

Entrepreneur, Animal Healer & Communicator

Founder of Raw Love Pets, South Africa


I'm Helena.

I am passionate about animals and as a child dreamt about working with wildlife and making people aware that animals are sentient beings. It has taken many years for this dream to be realized but today I am happy to be qualified as an Animal Healer and Communicator and a proud member of the Healing Animals Organisation in the United Kingdom who helps animals in need all over the world. Needless to say I am beyond thrilled and very excited to collaborate with Petro for the protection of endangered wildlife. I have chosen to work on' THE LIONS RAY' Awareness Art because of a visit a few years ago to the White Lions in TimbavatiThe White Lions have occurred naturally in one place only on earth: the Timbavati region in the heart of the Kruger to Canyon Biosphere (K2C). Despite being revered as a sacred heritage by the Tsonga and Sepedi people of this region and indigenous peoples around the globe, the unique White Lions are not protected by international law. They remain on the brink of extinction, yet can be hunted without recourse in the wild, and in cages. Tragically, White Lions are kept in captivity by the tourism industry and bred to be killed by international trophy hunters. In the wild, commercial trophy hunting in this region destabilizes the pride dynamics, and continual artificial removals from their natural system over decades has seriously damaged the gene pool. Not only the white lions, but all lions are affected by these unlawful and inhumane practices. 

I invite you to support us in any way you can as we stand with those in the wild.  I'll be hosting fundraisers to raise funds that will be used to create THE LIONS RAY and I look forward to receiving your support. 


"Be a guardian and friend those you share the Earth with." - Petro Diamant


Helena Swart & Petro Diamant at Bazique Festival 2018 , Elgin Grabouw Country Club


Images taken by Kim Wild Photography

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