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This is how you get to be part of the fun for change and raise awareness for animal organizations who are doing amazing work to make sure species survive.

My photos taken with animals from endangered species is for the Earth Alive 365 Awareness Portfolio. I would like to work with and create 365 wearable art pieces for 365 endangered species. Once I have 365 images the vision is to host an exhibition along with all the art that was created.  I will be looking for Women, Men and Children who would like to be featured with me as the Keepers and Guardians of animals and the Earth. All ages are welcome from all over the world.

I am looking for all body types, shapes and sizes and together will be going full circle around the globe in search of animal lovers and friends.

Together we can create something really beautiful art to present at global gatherings, on city streets and off course the ethical animal organizations we will be working with.  You may be required to host your own fundraiser if you are not able to fund the art yourself.  Its really easy and your friends can help you.



  1. Fund the art yourself or host your very own fundraiser to be featured in the Earth Alive 365 Awareness Portfolio
  2. You will be required to wear the art in public either at a private event or street event
  3. You may be required to volunteer for a few days ( maybe ) to familiarize yourself with animals we will be working with.
  4. The art created will be used with the images for an art exhibition and therefore will remain the property of Earth Alive 365 in which you will be featured as a fellow keeper and guardian over animals and the Earth.

Collaboration is important however not always possible due to individual circumstances and this is where networking with friends can open up doors to connections that make the journey even more special. When required we will be working with local communities, fashion designers, stylists, photographers and make up artists. This is where a little networking goes a long way and individual or corporate sponsorship is always welcome.

The best part of this is you choose the species and animal organization we will be working with. From animal to plant there are so many species under threat of becoming extinct and the best thing we can do is to take action, create awareness and support those that are making sure these species survive. 

Ladies, gents and parents with toddlers this is my invite to you. I am inviting you to create beautiful art with me so that we can reach out the world to serve and protect life on Earth. I hope to hear from you and meet you real soon to see what we can create together.

Contact me here or sign up below and I'll get back to you the moment I received your information.




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Do you know the story about the famous Indian Rhinoceros Clara ?

Clara was born in the year of 1738 in India. At only a few weeks old, Clara's mother was shot and she was adopted by the Director of the Dutch East India Company, Jan Albert Sichterman.  In 1740, Sichterman handed Clara over to Douwe Mout van der Meer who was the captain of the Knappenhof 

Van der Meer was from the Netherlands and in July 1741 as Clara disembarked the Knappenhof in Rotterdam she went straight into a life of exhibition. Some had never seen an animal like this and Clara became the famous Indian Rhinoceros who would travel the world until her death on 14 April 1758

Clara earned much acclaim as artists all over Europe created art of her.

I know an African Rhinoceros who was named after the famous Clara and she is missing.....