That Pangolin Girl, The Pangolin Flower and Ietermagog

After 6 moths of hard work The Pangolin Flower wearable art is finished.

The scales were designed and 3D printed. Each scale has been heat shaped and hand sewn to construct an awareness art piece that I will use  to raise awareness for the Pangolin species. This is what it looks like.


Now it's time to go bigger.

Help me build a full sized 1.3 meter long Ietermagog ( Pangolin)

 The Pangolin Flower Project is nearly complete. Before I head to the streets. I would like to 3D print and build a full sized Pangolin replica that will look like the little Pangolin we already created. I would like to to bring to life a Remote control 3D printed pangolin with LED, EL Wire and an information display screen. 

Want to get involved, support or fund this? Contact me here


How did we make the little 'Ietermagog and Pangolin' ?

I have also made use of art created by other people.

Amao Chan is a designer and an art creator and was drawing comic strips and illustrations from an early age. In 2015 he started self-learning  3D printing and applied this technology as an authoring tool. He hopes his art and crafts will bring more inspiration and imagination to all of you. He designed a 3D Pangolin model in hope to raise awareness about the Pangolin Species. If you would like to 3D print your very own Pangolin you can visit :

Andre and myself have added a little addition. Working with Amao Chan's Pangolin model we designed scales that we attached to the 3D model "putting the scales back on the Pangolin". This has been such a fun project and I'm sure the designs we have made will create a lot of fun projects for people.

In the pictures below you can see the 3D Printed Pangolin Model with the scales.

Images copyright  © Petro Diamant 2017

Scales designed by Andre E. Roodt, Sybu Data,  Cape Town


The Pangolin Flower Petro Diamant