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Raggy Charters to me is more than just an experience. Everyone that works there is dedicated to Marine/Ocean Conservation. "Algoa bay has recently been awarded a whale heritage site accolade, one of only five in the world and two in South Africa." Raggy Charters, WCA and the Bay Watch Project is to be thanked for the above. It is a massive accomplishment and one that took many years and much effort in collaboration to protect Algoa Bay and its cetaceans, penguins, sharks and in a nutshell all other Marine Life. Booking your experience allows Raggy Charters to do school outreach programs, to mitigate, to implement new ways forward and work with companies to minimize the impact they have on the ocean and marine life. You get to have a beautiful experience by seeing dolphins, whales, penguins, marine birds and possibly sharks however the real magic is funding an initiative that is actively contributing to protecting what we love and that is our Beautiful Ocean and Our Ocean Animals.

The team makes it worth your while and will go out of their way to make it really special, for me they most certainly have and I look forward to my return as they (Karen, Lloyd, Jake and Purity ) and the trip superseded my expectations not to mention the animals. So many Dolphins and Whales. This is a must book, must do, and a ' Must put this on my bucket list' and tick it off experience


Marine Education in Port Elizabeth

The team at Raggy Charters are dedicated to educating the public about the marine environment and the need to conserve it! It is especially important to target the youth so that they can learn about the beautiful bay that they live in and hopefully encourage them to play a vital role in the future by conserving it. Every year Lloyd Edwards, the owner of Raggy Charters, and his staff, will visit various schools, universities, organisations and clubs to show them the spectacular wildlife that reside in Algoa Bay, by showing them photographs taken during the Raggy Charters marine eco-cruises.

Raggy Charters targets the underprivileged children by visiting different schools in the Port Elizabeth area and showing them the wildlife in the bay, educating them about the problems some of these animals are encountering and asking them what can they do to help. A huge part of this education programme is getting these kids to come out and see the bay for themselves. They run a competition at each school asking the class to draw a marine animal, and they select the best drawings from the group and invite that child to join them on a cruise for free! Show a child a wild animal; a penguin, dolphin, whale etc. and they will remember it forever. Raggy Charter's hope is that these kids grow up remembering about these animals and the problems they face, and then do something to help!

They  are also part of Marine Week every year, at SANNCOB, where hundreds of school children visit the centre and learn about the different aspects of the marine environment. This initiative allows for disadvantaged schools to get involved as they fund the transportation to SANNCOB, which is in the beautiful Cape Recife Nature Reserve. So they also get to go to the beach, which many may have never done before, and learn about the different eco-systems of the ocean.

All they ask from everyone that listens to their talks is to think about what they can do in their life to make a difference to the world. A lot of children do not realise the impact that litter can have on the environment so it is vital to get through to them at a young age 'Don't Litter!' They can spread this awareness at home, to friends and to other members of their family, and if everyone starts making little changes to help, we may start to see a difference 🙂




Raggy Charters endeavour to clean up all of the plastic and other pollution along the beaches to minimise the amount of rubbish in our oceans. They undertake regular beach clean-ups to reduce this impact, and organise events for the whole community to get involved with... read more

The SHHWMR (Southern Hemisphere Humpback Whale Migration Route) awareness celebrations had its beginning at the “Welcoming the Whales" Festival held in Port Elizabeth in 2018 and since then Raggy Charters has held another three of these festivals. With the 2020 and 2021 events being live streamed due to the Covid pandemic, nothing was going to stop them celebrating the arrival of these magnificent mammals to Algoa Bay... read more

Lloyd Edwards, owner of Raggy Charters, is the chairman of the Eastern Cape Dendrological Society, and as such is dedicated to promoting the knowledge, protection and propagation of trees and the preservation of tree-dominated ecosystems as a contribution to effective environmental conservation and improvement in South Africa. Raggy Charters promise to plant at least one tree for every boat cruise done, in order to offset their carbon footprint... read more