As I began to write this post I looked at my phone and the clock was on 9:11 “911”. A number we associate with danger, or panic, an emergency, an SOS moment where a second could mean life or death. It is a call we make to someone when we need help in the hopes that help will be there, someone will come to our rescue and hopefully in time.

My day and conversations with one of the Founding Members and Director of Dark Water Ops in Port Elizabeth is one to remember. It's the kind of conversation more people should have. The type of conversation where you know that this world is full of danger and exploitation. That this individual has seen what most ignore and senses what most deny. It made me think of the Albert Einstein quote “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.” Whether we believe friendly or hostile, on planet Earth, it most certainly is both.

Our day was full of Rainbows. I saw seven and he saw eight of which two were double Rainbows. Rainbows are a symbol of hope in many cultures and has always been one of my guiding elements to feel calm and assured. I believe they show up when we most need them. To experience so many on one day is unusual and also quite magical. They are by far one of my favourite things to look out for and see however  my day and our conversations for the day covered topics like abalone poaching, rhino poaching, child trafficking, drug trafficking, arms, gangs and syndicates that operate nation wide. Offenders and victims. Conservation efforts and hard work.

One has to wonder when and where this will end, the violence and the injustice. How do we protect the innocent? And who do we trust to do so? We can only be grateful that there are men and women who dedicate their lives to protect others and that they will be near when we need them in times of an emergency.



Dark Water Ops (DWO) was started in September 2017 to provide a guarding security service to a client specialising in Aquaculture and started doing business in February 2018 after all the necessary Regulatory requirements were met and the company was fully registered with PSIRA. Dark Water Ops became involved in Marine Anti-Poaching in May 2018, and the current directors saw a gap in the market and started to expand the business to become security providers due to the diverse skills in the company’s core team. Dark Water Ops has grown since, and although still relatively small, is growing rapidly due to the commitment of the directors to deliver a quality service to clients with correctly sourced competent employees. They live their motto “To Serve and Protect.”

Their mission is “TO SERVE & PROTECT”. Their scalable services are tailored to meet your unique needs and can extend from immediate incident response to an entirely dedicated program. They specialise in anti-poaching, guarding and K9. Their services also include static guarding and access control, with or without K9, which consists of detection and patrol dogs, as well as event security and technical assistance that include installation and maintenance of surveillance equipment, alarms, and electrical fences.


Abalone | Rhinoceros

They have a specialised, highly trained team protecting endangered marine species, and they are also capable of, and have experience in, protecting endangered animals in Big 5 territory. The DWO Anti-poaching staff are hand-picked and come from training institutions that are well known for specialised training in this field. They believe in employing persons for this task from outside the area for even better security reasons, and all employees are vetted and undergo strict random truth verification tests. Their employees in the field also have first aid training and are well versed in all aspects of nature conservation and have proven track records of anti-poaching experience.


Dark Water Panic Smart Phone App And Panic Button

Dark Water Panic gives you 24/7/365 emergency response anywhere in SA for peace of mind while you’re doing what you love. The Dark Water Panic smart phone app or PANIC BUTTON works even if your phone is out of range. Whether you are out hiking, cycling, running, fishing, horse-riding, farming, shopping or spending the day outside with your friends or family, the Dark Water Panic App and or Panic Button means help is at hand should you need it.

Dark Water Panic Coverage : See our coverage map for areas covered in terms of the network of responders.