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What more can be done ?

I dread opening up Instagram before, during and after the the full moon. This is prime time for poachers to move in on private and government land to kill and remove the horns from a crash of Rhinos. With all the conservation efforts put in place Southern Africa is still experiencing a high loss of Rhinos with population declining. Despite the ban on trade, Rhino horn is flooding the black markets across China, Vietnam and America.

“As in the case of the elephants, the future of the rhino lies in the hands of China, and its willingness to enforce the law, and in the hands of the international community to apply pressure on China and Vietnam to stop this madness,” says Andrea Crosta, director of EAL.

How do we stop this madness?

Rhinoceros species across Africa and Asia are listed Critically Endangered, Vulnerable and Near Extinct. 

  • Javan and Sumatran Rhinos —are Critically Endangered
  • A subspecies of the Javan Rhino was declared extinct in Vietnam in 2011. 
  • The Greater One-horned (or Indian) Rhino is listed as Vulnerable, but the poaching of species continue.
  • Southern White Rhinos are classified as Near Threatened.
  • Northern White Rhino subspecies is believed to be extinct in the wild
  • The Black Rhinoceros is classified as Critically Endangered (CR) on the IUCN Red List due to the rising demand for rhino horn, which has driven poaching to record levels

Corruption, failure to implement stricter laws, action laws and lack from global community participation to protect this species is contributing to poaching.

How do we as a collective change this? How can you as an individual participate to protect species ?



by Petro Diamant & Co

Awareness Art - Global Communities - Gatherings & Festivals

I will be creating wearable awareness art for the Rhinoceros species that will be used to represent ethical animal organizations and feature in the Earth Alive 365 Awareness Portfolio for Endangered Species. I would like to invite and work with International Gatherings, Festivals and Communities to create their impression of  THE SACRED HORN as an Art Installation for each event ( & country ). I would also like each gathering to build  a smaller replica of  THE SACRED HORN to capture an image  for the Earth Alive 365 Portfolio with either a Black or White Rhino in Africa ( Namibia or South Africa )

The smaller SACRED HORN replicas will be used in an exhibition along with the Awareness Art and Images featuring endangered species.

 I encourage 'Global Participation' and invite young and old, creative and bold to stand with these incredible gentle animals and help protect them and give support to ethical organizations that are working so hard to ensure species survive.

Rhinos are but one of the species on a long list of 'Endangered Species' that are being hunted and driven to extinction by the illegal trade on black markets across China and Vietnam. The U.S. is the second largest market for the illegal wildlife trade. This needs to stop 

We would like to have communities in Africa, Asia, Europe and America participate and create THE SACRED HORN and take action with organizations and anti poaching units to ensure the survival of species.

May THE SACRED HORN(s) be the Lighthouse to shine the light on All SPECIES.

Global Community it's time to start creating and building 'THE SACRED HORN' , contact me here.




What's the plan, What's happening and Where is it happening ?

Let's build THE SACRED HORN:

AfrikaBurn 2018 - South Africa

Boom Festival 2018 - Portugal

Burning Man - America

What's happening in China ?

What's happening in Vietnam ?

What's happening in Europe ?

 We require art teams skilled in building large art installations, volunteers and funding to build and transport the art local and internationally.

Build the 'THE SACRED HORN'  contact me here.