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They are one of the most trafficked mammals in Asia and, increasingly, Africa. Pangolins are listed as 'Vulnerable' to 'Critically Endangered' and 'Population decreasing'.

I have designed and created an Awareness Art Garment for the Pangolin Species. It has taken 6 months to design and 3D print scales that resemble Pangolin scales. The garment is called ‘The Pangolin Flower’.  Each 3D printed scale has been heat shaped and hand sewn to construct a full body wearable art piece. In addition to working with REST Namibia.  I will be traveling to America and will be wearing The Pangolin Flower at The Oregon Solar Eclipse Festival and Burning Man so if you see me come and say hi.

CURRENT PROJECT : 2018, Namibia

I am currently designing and constructing a '3D Printed Full Body Awareness Art Garment' for the Pangolin Species and will be going to Namibia in 2018 to work with REST.
The Rare and Endangered Species Trust is an organisation that operates in Central-Northern Namibia near the town of Otjiwarongo and the Okonkjima game reserve. REST was founded in 2000 by Maria Diekmann and presently REST is home to the so-called “forgotten 5”. These Endangered species represent a cross-section of the rich and fragile biodiversity of Namibia. The 5 forgotten animal species of Namibia are the African wild dog, the Damara dik-dik, the dwarf python, the Cape griffon vulture and the Cape Pangolin. 
To find out how you can get involved and work with me visit : https://petrodiamant.com/the-trafficked-pangolin/
ALSO READ : PETRO PANGOLIN THE PANGOLIN FLOWER & IETERMAGOG , I'm building a 1.3 meter long Pangolin.


Below text and Image by by iLCP Fellow Paul Hilton 

"Two days after the discovery and bust of a massive illegal wildlife smuggling operation in Medan, Sumatra, and of 5 tons of slaughtered pangolins, I’m back in a taxi heading out to a huge cleared block of land, several kilometers from the warehouse. The Indonesian National Police and the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Wildlife Crimes Unit interrupted an important pangolin smuggling operation in the port of Medan, providing black market pangolin meat and scales to traders in China and Vietnam, and now this unimaginable hoard of dead pangolins needs to be destroyed"....... read more by clicking on the link  http://voices.nationalgeographic.com/2015/04/30/pangolin-prison-part-ii/

photos by iLCP Fellow Paul Hilton