Discovering Beautiful Wild Places, Incredible Animals & The People

"I am on a journey to discover and learn as much as I can about wildlife, captive animals, domesticated wild-animals and the history of human and wildlife interaction. I'll be visiting captive wildlife establishments, sanctuaries, reserves, parks and farms who are home to South Africa's most beloved animals and find out what the future holds for both human and non-human species in these environments. I am meeting the people who are in conservation and are active in rescue, rehabilitation and the release of wild species back into wild habitat. Founders of Animal Organizations, Wildlife Veterinarians, Members from Anti-Poaching Units and those who guard over, work with and care for animals are on my list of people to meet and learn from in the hopes I can share their stories and inspire others to participate and protect the innocent. I will also be meeting with animal rights organizations and speak to animal rights activists as well as animal welfarests to raise awareness on issues that require the support of the public and find out what they have to say about new guidelines and changes made to legislation pertaining to Agriculture, Environment and Tourism and how that affects the current endangered status and the rights of animals, wild habitat and as a whole the Earth.

To fully understand why things are the way they are and where we are heading to we have to start at the beginning and learn about the past and we also have to educate ourselves about the present. We are on an evolutionary timeline racing towards the sixth mass extinction, losing species and wild habitat due to habitat encroachment and deforestation.

Habitat restoration must be a top priority for each and every individual on Earth. To restore and return wild spaces to increase biodiversity is a must and increasing biodiversity can only be achieved by expanding and diversifying the range of habitats or vegetation structures available. Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species, no matter how big or small, all have an important role to play. Healthy soil is a state of a soil meeting its range of healthy ecosystem functions as appropriate to its environment and biodiversity is the key indicator of the health of an ecosystem.

The future of Earth and the quality of life for all depends on the extent to which we recognize our impact and our progressive actions whereby we take responsibility. Ultimately the outcome of the future is in our hands " - Petro Diamant



Meeting The Non-Human Animals And The Human Animals

Object To The Shell Wild Coast Survey 2014 / 2021

“Many sea creatures could be affected in the coming months — whales, dolphins, seals, penguins, sharks and even crabs and tiny shellfish will be blasted. At a time when world leaders are making promises and decisions to step away from fossil fuels because climate science has shown we cannot burn our existing reserves (let alone […]

World Rhino Day 2021 And One Land Move From Caring To Doing

WORLD RHINO DAY 2021 Caring And Doing For Rhinos #OLLIMOVE One Land – Love It Move From Caring To Doing With Sharon Jessop Ultra-endurance athlete and conservationist, Sharon Tait Jessop started the first leg of her 21 day run on 22 September 2021 from Mantis Founder’s Lodge in collaboration with One Land Love It #ollimove. […]

Port Elizabeth And The Chokka Boats

Chokka (Loligo vulgaris) is only caught by means of a hand line attached to a special coloured lead jig with a multi hook head and a plastic colourful float, both called dollies. Chokka are caught every year by commercial and recreational fisherman. A special lure is used to catch the squid, called a Chokka Jig. This […]

The Poaching Of Cycads A Biodiversity Crisis

THE POACHING OF CYCADS A Biodiversity Crisis We tend to focus more on endangered animal species however there is a biodiversity crisis. The poaching of endangered plant species is on the increase and largely under the radar. A species now so rare in the wild that it’s at risk of extinction. “The devastating loss of […]

Bluewater Bay And iZinja Help In The Township

iZINJA Sterilizations, Kennels And Township Life It is a much different reality, an easy life versus the hard life. A life full of comforts and luxury versus a life that lacks the basic and fundamental things everyone requires. Every township I have driven past, visited or worked in is a reminder of so many things […]

South Africa And The Plastic Issue

Be it from town to town or just outside the cities. On water or on land, we all see it. Some choose to do something about it while others try to ignore it. When you move about and travel that is when you will see it the most. Consumerism is our downfall and the entitlement […]

The Elands River Valley Eastern Cape

ELANDS RIVER VALLEY The Gateway To The Baviaanskloof Just 60 kilometres from Port Elizabeth lies another wonder of the Eastern Cape. The Elands River Valley. This area with its rugged mountains and endless beauty  of lush valleys is considered to be the gateway to the Baviaanskloof and is a must when traveling South Africa. The […]

Port Elizabeth And Raggy Charters Ocean Conservation

RAGGY CHARTERS Marine Conservation Algoa Bay | Baywatch Projects Raggy Charters to me is more than just an experience. Everyone that works there is dedicated to Marine/Ocean Conservation. “Algoa bay has recently been awarded a whale heritage site accolade, one of only five in the world and two in South Africa.” Raggy Charters, WCA and […]

Port Elizabeth And The Dark Water Ops

As I began to write this post I looked at my phone and the clock was on 9:11 “911”. A number we associate with danger, or panic, an emergency, an SOS moment where a second could mean life or death. It is a call we make to someone when we need help in the hopes […]

Uitenhage And The K9 Unit South African Police Service

IN SERVICE TO HUMANITY K9 Unit To Serve and Protect is a way of life. To be of service is an oath some took and one that some take to their grave. Those who chose this path are the people who stay up at night and get called out to be on the frontline of […]



This years focus in on two species. The Suricate and the Rhinoceros. Both Awareness art pieces will be used to educate the public on  human wildlife conflict issues pertaining to both species. The illegal wildlife pet trade has had a devastating effect on this small mongoose specie found in southern Africa. Removed from the wild, traded and sold to pet lovers these animals fall prey to illegal activities and unjust treatment that result in less desired harmful outcomes.  Meerkats are also called Suricata suricatta or Suricate.  They are characterized by a broad head, large eyes, a pointed snout, long legs, a thin tapering tail, and a brindled coat pattern. THE SURICATE SOLSTICE awareness art will bring a message for humanity and teach us about the ways of the Suricate.

Our larger wild friends the Rhinos continue to be slaughtered for their horn. With all the conservation work and effort in place it seems like syndicates and those that demand the horn simply continue with traditions and practices at the cost of a specie going extinct. THE SACRED HORN awareness art highlights the plight of Rhinos. It reminds us of their sacred place in this world.


AWARENESS ART There are two ways you can get involved and create art with Petro Diamant for Earth Alive 365. One is to fund and donate towards an Awareness Art Piece that will be used to advocate for a Specie and The Earth. The second way to participate and get involved is to collaborate, design […]