K9 Unit

To Serve and Protect is a way of life. To be of service is an oath some took and one that some take to their grave. Those who chose this path are the people who stay up at night and get called out to be on the frontline of mayhem and chaos and respond to dangerous and life threatening situations. They are the individuals who risk their lives to protect the lives of others.  They are the units who take the bullets and the hard punches, the ones who serve humanity in our darkest hours. The members of the K9 Unit, both non-human and human are the reason why we can sleep at night. And I know that they are not given enough praise.

I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to be in the company of a really amazing team today looking at the brave faces of people who go head on head with violent criminals. A team of individuals that consist of both human and non-human souls. "they are people, there is no difference between working with a human or working with a dog" When out in the field both non-human and human rely on each other. They are a team and one that must have trust, loyalty, commitment and love. The friendship between a non-human animal and human animal in this case is one that is not easily broken. These two individuals trust each other with their lives, especially when out working together and in danger.  It is an undeniable and  irrevocable bond that is formed, often times an  irreplaceable relationship that will most definitely break a heart when either one loses the other. The humans I met today have an enormous amount of love and respect for the K9's they work with. These dogs serve all in times of an emergency and have saved lives.

No human has the ability to do what these animals are capable of doing. And so side by side non-human animal ( K9) and human animal serve to protect not only human lives but also the lives of other animals. Until that day comes where technology and robotics are able to do what people do, both non-human and human, these are the individuals doing their best to make the world a safer place for us to live in.


To Serve And Protect

Image : Sergeant Vincent Upton, Warrant Officer Melisa Adlem, Petro Diamant,  Warrant Officer Jacques Adlem and Sergeant Lindon Van Sensie

The K9 Units for SAPS do their best to ensure sufficient operational capacity for the fight against crime, including crime detection and law enforcement operations, as well as wildlife trafficking.

Police dogs are utilized to provide both proactive and reactive services in the SAPS. They are deployed for narcotic detection, explosives detection, protected species detection, biological body fluid detection, currency detection, carcass-and-hide detection, as well as the gathering of sheep during stock theft investigations, tracking and apprehending of dangerous suspects, fire investigation, including search and rescue operations.

With the commitment to Serve and Protect this is the mission of the Uitenhage K9 Unit.