Vets Incorporated consists of four mixed animal practices situated in the Eastern Cape, South-Africa. They take pride in what they do and their mission is to provide exceptional service to the Uitenhage and Port Elizabeth communities in providing healthcare for companion animals as well as livestock. This is done with respect towards the human-animal bond. Their services include : Small animal consulting, Farm animal consulting, X Ray imaging, In-House lab, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, Wildlife Immobilization, Ultrasound, Surgery, Hospital care.

UITENHAGE, 57 Graaff Reinet Rd, Tel: 041-9923344
WESTERING, 16 Boshoff st, Westering, Port Elizabeth, Tel: 041 3605180
BLUEWATER BAY, 31 Maureen crescent, Bluewater Bay, Tel: 041 4662500
KIRKWOOD, 23 Middle st, Kirkwood, Tel: 041 9923344

Dr. Riaan Mulder and his family were my hosts in Uitenhage. He was kind enough to let me shadow him in his clinic to see what they do and how they attend to the animals who require their help. My experience at this clinic was one of heart and soul. Our animal companions are everything to us. They are our beloved four legged friends and when they get hurt, we hurt. Each animal that came in was attended to in the most professional and loving way. From broken legs to bite marks, tumors, growths and old age and just about every other case you can possibly think off . I got a tiny glimpse of what our animal companions go through and what it takes from Vets to assist them. The Uitenhage Animal Hospital superseded my expectations. I got to stand in on complicated surgeries and watch how Dr. Riaan Mulder and Dr. Anton Kruger operate on animals to give them a second chance making what seems impossible to do, possible. The best part is the recovery and seeing happy animals return to their human friends.

"I have one request from Pet owners and that is to take accountability and responsibility for your animal companion and to take the necessary safety precautions to make sure that your animal does not hurt another animal. Vets provide a service and a very important one to animals. They are here in service to animals and their well being. They are not here to make a decision on your behalf nor are they here as a quick solution for you to get out of a situation when it suits you pertaining to your decision to have a pet and the responsibility that comes with that. " - Petro Diamant




Dr Riaan Mulder

Dr Mulder (BVSc, MSc) attended Brandwag Hoerskool in Uitenhage, and completed his B.V.Sc at Onderstepoort in 1986. He joined the Uitenhage practise as a partner in 1990. He has work experience in the UK and the UAE. He completed his M.Sc(Vet) in 2017

Dr Anton Kruger

Dr Anton Kruger (BVSc) attended Barberton high school and completed his B.V.Sc at Onderstepoort in 1987. He practised in Warden before moving to Uitenhage in 1997. He has worked in Northern Ireland.


Dr Mirjam van der Wel
Dr Mirjam (DVM, Utrecht) grew up in Tanzania and studied in the Netherlands before joining Animal Anti-cruelty in Port Elizabeth, where she worked for 8 years before joining our team in 2018.
Dr Marc Jukel
Dr Marc Jukel ( B.V.Sc) grew up in Uitenhage and went to Woodridge College. He completed his veterinary degree at Onderstepoort in 2006 and has since worked in Cape Town, the eastern cape and spent the last 10 years working in the UK.



It is always a good idea to find out what is happening in your area pertaining to animals that are kept as pets. It is your responsibility to be informed and act accordingly to prevent your animal companion from getting sick or infecting other animals. Vaccinations is a must for your furry friend. It will potentially protect them from picking up viruses and diseases that other animals have.  Your local Animal Hospital will be able to share this information with you and provide you with the required treatment should your animal be sick.