Caring And Doing For Rhinos


One Land - Love It Move From Caring To Doing With Sharon Jessop

Ultra-endurance athlete and conservationist, Sharon Tait Jessop started the first leg of her 21 day run on 22 September 2021 from Mantis Founder’s Lodge in collaboration with One Land Love It #ollimove. Over the next three weeks, Sharon will run 650km to and through 11 rhino bearing game reserves in the Eastern Cape to drive awareness to this worthy cause. #RunWildForRhinos

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Images: Adrian Gardiner, Mantis Founder's Lodge ( situated alongside the world-renowned Shamwari Private Game Reserve, Nikki Bolton from One Land Love It (Olli) and Paul Gardiner CEO Mantis Collection


" One Land Love It (OLLI) was established in 2015 and focused around the efforts of the Bolton family as they pursued their passion, being conservation, and tried to make a difference to the conservation landscape in particular that relating to rhinos. Using their own efforts as a way to lead through example they initiated two cycling expeditions over 2015/2016 and again in 2017 with 8000kms around South Africa being accomplished in 3 1/2 months - further details can be found below.

The purpose was to encourage ordinary people and corporates to collaborate as part of their #JointCustody.  Together we are stronger and indeed ordinary people can do extraordinary things if they only consider what their extra is and move with greater urgency from simply caring to actively doing!

Together we can make an impact on our conservation landscape, and ensure that future generations benefit from and contribute to our natural heritage - after all we have One Land - Love It! "

In 2018 One Land Love It was formalized as a Non Profit Company (NPC) and Wayne and Nikki Bolton along with fellow conservationists and Board Members Dr Lyn Webb, Andrew Stewart, Dirk Groeneveld as well as the rest of the Olli Team continue in their efforts to provide opportunities for collaboration, to motivate and challenge responsible citizenship and to ensure that through their efforts conservation and anti poaching initiatives get the best support and encouragement possible.
Their primary goals are to create awareness and raise funds for credible wildlife initiatives.
Education and Endurance Sport are two significant tools ;that One Land Love It use to get people to move from caring to doing for our wildlife! Projects and activities include among others: Expeditions,School challenges and talks, corporate talks, representation and activism where relevant, event support and presence, Olli Ambassadors predominantly through endurance sport initiatives, corporate partnerships and their annual #OLLIMove for World Rhino Day.



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