Welcome to Petro Diamant.

Dear Reader,

Kindly take note that my Business and Social Platforms are being developed to align with a more clearly evolved ethos. I realize there may have been confusion especially when it comes to the work I have done with wildlife, pertaining to the awareness images.

I do not promote:

1) Individuals taking photos together with wildlife, for whatever purpose. These images serve as part of my awareness campaigns for the species.

I do not support:

  • Hunting, for any reason.
  • The slaughter and killing of animals as food, medicine and consumer products.
  • The capture and removal of wildlife from their natural habitat for trade and export.
  • Wildlife as pets
  • Animal Testing
  • Animal Circuses
  • Zoos

I use art as an artistic expression, to raise awareness for animals and other non-human species. This includes awareness art made by myself and other artists, and include awareness images and the written or spoken word. The art is exhibited live at local and international gatherings and festivals, protests, marches. The objective is, and has always been, an invitation for a conversation pertaining to what is currently happening to animals and more so to a species I represent  at that time.

Petro Diamant  & Earth Alive 365  advocates for the Protection of Species and Earth, and a peaceful coexistence between humans and all life on Earth.

To clarify :

The awareness images, with various animals, are for the Earth Alive 365 Awareness Portfolio, where I talk about the legal and illegal wildlife trade,  exploitation, and the organizations doing something about it. My images are not fashion photos, and have all been part of a voluntary collaborative effort to raise awareness for the species involved. The animals I have worked with have been rescued. The Earth Alive 365 portfolio as a whole, is used to inform people about the truth, about what has happened to these animals, and which continues with others. I also use the images on Social Media to raise awareness and as a conversation starter to :

1) inform people on issues pertaining to species

2) Invite them to support organizations

3) Invite individuals to advocate for animals and challenge the governments to implement animal rights and laws that protect animals

4) Invite Individuals to participate and collaborate on art  and work together to come up with solutions

5) Inspire and remind people of the beauty around us and that we share this planet with non-human nations, and that they have the right to life, to live unharmed, free and wild, or safe and cared for by loving individuals due to the history of those animals. The Slogan for Earth Alive 365 being, Celebrate Hearts, Celebrate Species, Celebrate Earth.

When completed I would also like to exhibit the portfolio in China, America and Taiwan to call on Governments and Nations to protect what is left of our wildlife and implement stricter laws and animal rights.

Unfortunately and due to International Environmental, Wildlife and Trade legislation we have exploited the natural habitat and wildlife. Every animal species, be they on land or in water, has been exploited and traded as a commodity, or exploited for some inhumane purpose. While there are many causes that require attention looking at our social, environmental and political situations worldwide,  I choose to advocate for the protection of species and call on governments to end the cruelty, violence and killing of animals.