There are two ways you can get involved and create art with Petro Diamant for Earth Alive 365.

One is to fund and donate towards an Awareness Art Piece that will be used to advocate for a Specie and The Earth. The second way to participate and get involved is to collaborate, design and co-create an Awareness Art piece with me or for me.

"Animals are incredible. Each unique and divinely created. Their world is mysterious and we have so much to learn from the wild and nature. Artists believe in beauty. We create from the heart. We see things in a different light and we aspire to express our inner world and make it a reality. It is a force and something that can keep us up at night and will not release the inspirational grip over us unless we create. My love and respect for other Species and My Love for This Earth is what inspires me. Knowing how disconnected most are to the natural world motivates me to move beyond my comfort zone and have the uncomfortable conversations using my art as a tool to tell real life stories about The Animals I meet and work with and to bring awareness on what is happening to their kind.

I've met the most incredible people doing the most incredible selfless work. All for the greater good. Putting into motion action that may only flourish long after they have left this world.
Do what you can. Do what you must. Do more than what you thought was possible knowing that this will restore balance and protect Precious Lives and The Planet

Do it for The Animals and The Earth " -




Awareness Art for Near Threatened and Endangered Species.
Advocacy for The Earth, Elephants, Pangolins, Lions and The Ocean just to name a few.
Love Them. Don't harm them. #animalsaresentient and fellow Earthlings.



 celebrates the Hearts of Suricates. From dawn till dusk, with an open heart they gaze and greet the rising sun. Community and family is everything to them and in their world there is structure, purpose and everyone knows their place. Respect, honour and love are principle and these qualities combined create a Solid Earth and Solid World for ALL here on Earth.

Help design, create and construct THE SURICATE SOLSTICE. Designers required to assist with the design  and wearable interactive art garment for Meerkats. We will work with various shades of Gold and Earth Tones to create a Sunlit Gold Gown with a Crown fit for a Queen to be used to raise awareness about the illegal pet trade in Meerkats/Suricates.

Sponsorship is required for decorative material, themed jewelry and to cover costs of this awareness art garment.

Photographer required to collaborate on a photoshoot with THE SURICATE SOLSTICE and a rescued Meerkat.


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THE SACRED HORN of the Rhino is to be left alone. THE SACRED HORN belong to those who were born with it. The horn of the Rhino is most precious to them and to them only. It is their North Star and assures them of their journey and place on this Wild Earth we call Home. Removing this from them means that we are removing them from the Earth. THE SACRED HORN guides humanity towards a tipping point of conscious evolution. Evolution by choice. To harm or to protect. To guard over and take care for species or to drive fellow Earthlings and Sacred Animal Friends to extinction. Humanities evolution, from doing harm to not doing harm in order to live in Peace with All is also a liberation from that which has kept humans in a lower undesired and unpleasant dimension. The killing and the violence. That which you see take place in this world is due to a lack of respect for and the killing of sentient life.

When we begin to recognize the divinity in those we share earth with regardless the specie and we live accordingly in respect and in love doing no harm to another living breathing being. Balance will be restored on Earth.

May the sun shine on THE HORN OF THE RHINO and may it also shine from their faces. May it illuminate the darkness that comes with every full moon. May a higher way of living consciously and in harmony once again with the Rhinoceros be resurrected on Earth and may THE SACRED HORN remain with whom it belongs. May none of them suffer and all of  them Be Loved and Be Helped.

Help design, create and construct THE SACRED HORN. Designers required to assist with the design of this wearable interactive art garment for Rhinos. We will work with shades of red as well as designing and 3D printing a Horn with sacred geometry patterns. The Awareness art will be used to raise awareness about the poaching and illegal trade in Rhino Horn.

Sponsorship is required for decorative material, themed jewelry and to cover costs of this awareness art garment.

Photographer required to collaborate on a photoshoot with THE SACRED HORN and a Rhinoceros.



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