This image is part of a series of images for the Earth Alive 365 Awareness Portfolio for Near Threatened & Endangered Species. This was also a collaboration with Have a Heart Spay & Neuter who not only rescued animals and offered veterinary assistance and animal welfare support but  also rescued horses in need of new homes due to neglect and abuse.

PETRO DIAMANT & EARTH ALIVE 365 do not promote nor encourage taking images with animals. This image is used to raise awareness on current issues pertaining to horses, the abuse of horses in sports and also wild horses in their natural environment at risk of starvation or dying due to predators, human wildlife conflict and loss of habitat.

WILD AT HEART - Awareness Art : Horses

Awareness Artist for Near Threatened and Endangered Species: Petro Diamant

Organization: Have-a-Heart Spay & Neuter Project

Photographer : Lindie Prinsloo, Namibia

Art / Garment :   by Petro Diamant for EARTH ALIVE 365 |  FLOCK Fashion & Accessories , Cape Town

Read the Mission Statement here mission statement


Lindie Prinsloo, Founder of Have a Heart Spay and Neuter shares this with me:

There are so many ways to help, big and small. Whether you donate N$10 or an old towel, you are actively making a difference in the life of a township animal. Teach your children to make a difference, to live less materialistic and care about the world around us. All the problems you see is a direct result of humans. The only way to solve them is to live how we as humans were intended to live; as guardians of nature and everything in it.

One person can make a difference and everyone should try. – John F. Kennedy

Imagine the change if we all start to live responsibly ❤

Sadly Lindie is no longer with us. This image is in memory of her and the lives she has saved.

Journey well my dear friend. Your legacy lives on in the hearts of human and animal friends you helped.

In memory of Lindie Prinsloo and Beloved Ben the Horse. Unfortunately Ben fell ill and died a few moths after I had met him.

All lives are precious and Lindie  loved animals so much. She is missed by many.